• Alex & Alfie

    Within ten minutes of meeting Ben we knew we'd found our wedding photographer - his love and enthusiasm for the job shone through and he was so friendly and chatty.  We had two meetings with other photographers booked but as Ben went off to get us another drink (wise move!) my then-fiance whispered to me 'scrap the others, I want HIM to do our wedding'.
    We thoroughly enjoyed the preshoot, wrapping up warmly in the Autumn sunshine and venturing out to explore the area around our venue.  I had a terrible cold and Rudolph red nose but all our photos show is how much fun we had with Ben that day... especially when we almost got rumbled by another wedding party at our venue... ahem! 
    As for the photos of the big day... I can't count how many times I've looked at them - at least once a day (well not all of them obviously, as we ended up with a disk of 986 piccies!)  They're on my computer at work and my PC at home.  They're on Facebook.  They're on my Iphone.  Some of them make me belly laugh and some make me cry.  They captured our day perfectly and more importantly, they capture me and my hubby at our happiest.  Ben's photographs are truly the most wonderful record of our day and I would not hesitate to recommend him.

  • Nicola & Ferdeen

    Hi Ben,

    We would like to say thanks for producing an excellent wedding photo shoot!

    We have never seen work as good and thorough as what you have produced for us. They are perfect! You have produced outstanding pictures!

    Everyone that has gone into your site to see our photos have said they are the best wedding shots they have ever seen. We will definitely recommend you to anyone getting married.

    Your work is priceless, the money we paid for the photo's is a mere fraction of the work produced. It is worth every penny and more.

    When we sat up in bed to watch the slide show for the first time, we were both overwhelmed with what we saw, and you had us both in floods of tears. We then watched the slide show a further six times!

    My wife Nicola, also looks amazing in the photos.

    Ben thank you so much for your amazing work - We really mean that!



  • Rebecca & Dan

    Ben Tomlin is simply amazing, amazing, AMAZING!!!

    My husband and I can’t even remember him taking a single photo on our wedding day, but when we saw the results we looked like professional models that could have featured in the pages of a glossy fashion magazine.  

    If Benny only knew the hours we have spent pouring over his fabulous photos, his head might have swelled out of control with pride.

    If you haven’t booked this incredibly talented young man, do so now – as I don’t believe anyone could have captured the magic of our wedding day like Benny did.

    We love him and so will you!


  • Mel & Alex

    Along with my dress, the photos of our wedding were the one thing I was adamant about getting right so I was delighted when I stumbled across Benny’s website. I got in touch, and after meeting for a drink and a chat he agreed to photograph our big day.

    Well, there frankly just aren’t enough nice words for me to use! Benny was amazing all the way through our engagement, always keeping in touch and even helping me to try and locate a vintage-style headband one of his previous clients had worn. A month or so before the wedding, we met up for the pre-shoot and just had an absolute blast. It was easy to relax and settle into the session because Ben was just *fun* and it was more like taking a few snaps with one of your mates than anything else (well, one of your very, very super-talented mates, I mean).

    After a couple of pints at the village pub, Ben left and Alex said to me wistfully, “I wish Ben could be our friend in real life”. I thought it was so endearing, and promptly emailed Ben to tell him so!

    On the actual day, Benny was there to capture every aspect and every emotion of our wedding. He integrated so well with our guests and made everybody feel completely at ease.

    We saw the photos for the first time last week, when Ben came over to show us the collection. Wow! There were over 1000 shots (!) and all of them were so subtle, beautiful and real. I simply cannot praise him enough. Even Alex, who is normally very critical of photos of himself, was amazed.

    I emailed the link to the slideshow to one of my bridesmaids, and her response said it all,

    “Beautiful. Made me cry!”

    If you are still deciding on a photographer for your wedding, you'd be mad to look any further. Ben is a great guy, a huge talent, and a fabulous addition to any W-Day team!

  • Natalie & James

    We were passed Ben's details by a friend and having looked at his amazing pictures on his website decided we had to meet him.  He instantly made us feel comfortable with his friendly yet professional and approachable nature.  He listened carefully to what we had to say and explained the way he worked with couples.  

    We hired him on the spot!  

    The pre-shoot was a great idea and even though we felt a little silly at the start of it Ben made us laugh the whole way through.  It was great fun and a really helped prepare us for the big day.

    On the day of the wedding Ben was fantastic.  His charisma really shone through when having to manage a large group of guests but at the same time he was able to blend into the background and get some fantastic pictures of us and our guests when we had no idea he was taking them!

    When Ben came round to our house to show us the photos after the wedding (how many photographers are brave enough to do that!!!!) we we're both crying tears of joy.  

    It really is amazing how Ben manages to tell a story with his pictures, he captures incredible moments that spark so much emotion.  To say we were ecstatic with them would be an understatement.  We looked at them over and over again and cried some more!

    All weddings are challenging things to arrange and a lot of the service providers or suppliers give you a lot of grief.  I can hand on heart say that the best service we got for anything to do with our wedding was from Ben.  Not only are his pictures outstanding he is a fantastic person.  

    We absolutely love him, have made a friend for life and couldn't recommend him highly enough.

  • Michelle & Steve


    I honestly don't have the right words right now, seriously. You are a genius, truly. You just get it. We are moved by your commitment and your capturing of our day.

    I will wrire more when I can, but I just wanted to say that we knew, we just KNEW you were the right photographer for us (some things throughout this wedding process were easy peasy and you were one of them) and you've just confirmed it x 100.

    This is everything we wanted, hoped for and more. You really are a gem and just a pleasure in every sense.

    THANK YOU for capturing our day. Perfectly.

    Michelle Xxxxxxxx



    Not much I can add to that, other than whole heartedly agree.

    The pictures are amazing, as you were on the day. Thank you so much for all your hard work on these, so far every single person I have sent them to has commented that they are the best wedding photos they have ever seen.  

    Also your timing could not have been better as we have Michelle sister and friend staying with us and were looking at some of the amateur wedding photos last night. Yours arrived just in time to be the highlight of our evening and I can tell you there were a few tears being shed on first viewing.

    Thanks so much for everything.


  • Jenny & Steve


    Entirely worth the wait! We are so pleased - thank you so much! It's as if we just relived the whole day. Great music selection ;) They look fabulous - exceeded all expectations. We can't wait to share these with everyone. :) Our faces are very smiley right now! :D

    You're a photographic genius. Many many many hugs!

    The Cobellis!



    Mate, what can I say that Jenny already hasn’t, absolutely awesome job my friend.... we are so overjoyed with how they turned out... thank you so much!  As she said, you’re a photography genius!

    We’re very much looking forward to sharing them with everyone who could (and couldn’t) make the big day.

    Cheers Steve

  • Jessica & Andrew

    Dear Ben,

    I know we've said it a lot already, but we are so thrilled with the photos - you've perfectly captured the atmosphere of the day and we will treasure the pictures always.

    We're also astounded at the level of personal service you have given us - from our very first meeting to the pre-shoot, to the wedding and through to the screening of all the pictures - all above and beyond our expectations.

    Absolutely everyone at the wedding has commented on what a charming and profesional photographer we had - you were an absolute HIT!

    We can't wait for the album to arrive - Andy most of all, as he's fed up with me firing up the slideshow every evening - he can't stop singing the songs! 

    We could never of dreamed of such beautiful pictures and a wonderful photographer!

    Thank you!

    Lots of Love Jess & Andy xx

  • Anna & Paul

    Where do I start.......

    We got married August this year and had the most amazing day. This was helped a great deal by the lovely Ben. From the first time we met Ben we felt we just had to book him and what a great decision that was. I have to admit that after looking at millions of photographer’s websites I can't actually remember where I found Ben, but all I can say is thank god I did!!!

    We met with Ben again about two weeks before the wedding to have a practice shoot which was great fun and a good way to get used to the camera. These pictures have come out really well and we are so pleased with them let alone the wedding day pics!

    On the day Ben was fantastic everyone kept saying what a lovely guy he was and we have to agree! We really felt he was more of a friend at our wedding and not just our photographer. Even when we had the unfortunate heavy down poor of rain he still managed to make me laugh and was more concerned about my dress getting wet than anything else!!

    We only met again with Ben this week and saw the pictures for the first time and we couldn’t be happier with them. He managed to capture the whole day so well we really we have just relived it! There are so many great pictures I just don’t know who we will pick between all 700 of them for our album.

    We really couldn’t recommend Ben enough and if anyone has any doubts you shouldn’t, he really delivers everything he says he would and more. He is so accommodating and professional and just makes the whole experience a pleasure.

    As we only recently got married we will still be working with Ben on our album but I think once that it finished both myself and my husband will miss our meetings with Ben we always have great fun!!!

    Thanks Ben

    See you soon

    Anna & Paul

  • Amy & Neil

    Well first off I goggled wedding photographers and Touch Photography was top of the search results and after investigating more I loved his work and so decided to go for a chat about our requirements. Ben met us and we immediately clicked. Got on well and had a laugh and decided about 15 minutes after saying tata to call him and book him and I am so glad we did!.

    We had a pre shoot end of August 2009 which was a giggle and we got a good idea of locations for the day. Just seen he's put some on his blog so I'm impressed :)

    We got married October 30th 2009 and Ben helped to make the day an awesome one, he was running round my place helping people as well as doing his proper job and was a real help.

    At the venue we had fun and Ben captured the fun of the day perfectly. We felt so relaxed around him it felt like having a good friend there taking the photographs rather then a professional photographer.

    Then afterwards Ben came round to show us the wedding images, displayed on his big monitor for us to see and chose the ones that'd be going into the wedding album and in the new year Ben came around again this time with the album designs and we immediately fell in love with a dark red/brown ostrich leather cover, with black pages and black edging and this afternoon Ben texted me to say the album had arrived and 2 hours later was sat at the dining table showing us the album and it is beautiful. We immediately saw just how well he'd captured the essence of the day and encased it so well within the timeless looking album.

    I would definitely use Ben's awesome services again and I have recommended him to a few of my friends who are getting married :)

    Cheers Ben! You OFFICIALLY rock!

    Amy & Neil xxx