About Ben

So who is… ‘Touch Photography’ ?

…well it’s run by – Ben Tomlin,

……or you can call me Benny or even Bennito!

(what a Brasilian friend calls me!)

I don’t want to speak in the third person, and be all professional business sounding – as that just sounds naff… and ultimately if you chose my services your relationship will be with me.

Always Smiling…


So this is me! – that bald, happy, smiley guy recurring in the photos to the left.

Now – you’ve probably noticed there’s a zillion wedding photographers out there these days to choose from! ….a few are literally amazing, some are very good, but there’s also an awful lot of just mediocre out there, and no one wants a mediocre photographer shooting their wedding day!

So I’m guessing!? …you want someone that knows what they’re doing with years of experience in the industry, who you can trust implicitly to do a good job; no matter what the conditions and the weather they may face, and someone who understands photography and the properties of light. Oh and not to mention someone who loves their job and is fun to have around, and for you to be able to relax and let go totally in their company.

Generic photographers lists…


So I feel it’s important for you not just to read some generic list of the things I love, that gives no indication to the above qualifying questions… i.e

  • I love fresh coffee,
  • I love the sound Elephants make – that deep rumbling sound rather than the alert sound,
  • I love Soul, Funk & Jazz music,
  • I love the colour purple – though you might of guessed that one,
  • I love… oh shit – I’m now doing it!

…basically, you’re not looking for a date!… you’re looking for someone that knows what they are doing.

So I actually think it’s more worthwhile for you to understand a bit about my history and how I arrived in the place that I am now…

The early years….


I know a lot of photographers start with the cliché of… ‘from an early childhood – I always loved taking photos’ …but come on – surely we all loved taking photos as a kid!?

Thankfully I can avoid that cliché (albeit slightly) as my interest all started a little later at my secondary school; which was one of the first to offer GCSE photography – in an old & very cold… porta-cabin converted into a darkroom! …I literally learnt the art of photography the ‘old school’ way.

While at school, I excelled in all my creative arty subjects of Drama, Media, Art, Photography and noticed a particular pattern emerging – this led me onto Art College/Uni – first doing an Art foundation course – which gives you a taste of all the disciplines to finally ending up doing a fine-art photography degree.

As this was many moons ago – digital was only in its early infancy… and I was in love with my darkroom, my old enlarger and my box of Ilford Multigrade fibre based paper! …oh how times have changed.

So while I loved coming up with conceptual art photography pieces and pushing the boundaries of photography (ask me about how I tried to print photos onto my skin once!?!) – I knew really that a struggling artist was never going to cut it in the real world! ……Plus I also loved just producing beautiful striking images for the sake of… well just creating something beautiful to look at – hardly a fine art luminary!

I got old….


Skip forward a good few years & numerous jobs & ventures later… I started a pr & commercial photography business with 2 best friends. We worked for top PR agencies & clients such as Saatchi&Saatchi and glossy magazines such as OK!, visiting numerous events and shooting lots of celebrities – and well they still do! – but I felt I needed to take a different direction and do my own thing – they always say never mix business with pleasure! …and as such I still love them both dearly today!

So this is when I started Touch Photography – and this gave me the perfect excuse to go on my search for creating beautiful imagery!

I love my job… and love shooting weddings particularly, even though I still get commissioned for top PR & commercial clients….. weddings make me smile inside, and allow for my creativity to come out, unlike working on a controlled commercial brief.

I love challenging myself to keep creating images that make my clients and their family & friends go – WOW!…… and at the end of the day, for me that’s all the recognition I ever need – it’s actually my favourite part of the process – meeting up afterwards for a viewing presentation and seeing if I can make you cry – then I know I’ve done a really good job too!*

…I’m also a people person, so maybe I just love meeting new people in general – but whatever it is I hope to be doing this for many more years to come!

So that is me and how I arrived at where I am today!

…Okay enough already!


If you’ve got this far – thanks! …I appreciate it, but that really is enough about me now …I want to hear about you and your other half, I want to find out what makes you tick, and your wedding ideas – so get in touch here – let me know your date, (if you’ve got one?) check availability and say hello – and I look forward to discussing your plans with you.

If you would like to see more weddings in full…. check-out my featured weddings & pre-shoots over on the blog here

Thanks again… Ben x

* – My record was a guy who cried no less than 4 times in the viewing presentation! …Bless his little cotton socks